Sunset Eyes

The red dot on the back of the human’s head told Irikah he was marked for death. She had seen it happen before. She wasn’t going to let this man be killed like all the rest, there was no right. No one should have to die just because another man could pay to have him murdered.

With hands balled into fists, she walked behind the man and turned to face the assassin, even if she could not see him. He would see her. That was all she needed. Even if he shot her, then the human would have some time to run.

"How dare you?" She whispered, gaze locked on where she thought the assassin was. Her whole body trembled, but not with fear. "How dare you?"

Irikah glanced down as the laser dropped to the floor then disappeared. She succeeded. There was no smile, however. She wanted to see this assassin, talk to him.

It seemed like she would not get that chance, however, and she turned to walk away. Whoever he was, she was glad she managed to stop him this time. But the next time, there may not be anyone to stop him. And the next victim could be just as much an innocent as this one.

There was a sudden hand on her arm and she spun to look, surprised to see a drell had been behind her. For a moment, it didn’t occur to her this could be the assassin, and she gave him a smile. Those eyes, however. She saw them filled with sorrow as he felt to his knees and clasped his hands as if in prayer. She took a step back.

"I came to ask your forgiveness," He started. "You must be the Goddess Arashu, and I am sorry. I was not Whole-"

"I don’t care." Irikah interrupted, crossing her arms. "What gives you the right to take another’s life when they’ve done nothing to you? You’re a thief of the highest degree."


No. You don’t get the chance to talk. On your feet. Now.” She dropped her arms to her sides when she snapped at him. When he rose, she put her finger against his chest. “I don’t care who your employer is. You chose to do this, you chose to pick up that gun. Whole or not, I don’t give a damn!”

There was fear in his eyes, mixed with respect as he took a step back. Irikah advanced on him. This was far from over.

"What’s your name?" She demanded. "And not some fake name. Look me in the eye, assassin, and tell me who you are.”

The assassin in front of her hesitated. Faltered. Just as he had done when she stepped between him and his target. After a lengthy pause, he finally spoke. “Thane Krios.”

"Thane Krios, then… Do you even know how to live? Is that why you don’t hesitate to take a life?" The fire was still in her eyes, but the edge to her voice was gone.

"This is all I’ve done." He seemed perplexed by her questions. "The hanar-"

"No. I’m not letting you use excuses, Mr. Krios." Irikah couldn’t help feeling sorry for him. He wasn’t Whole. He was serving as an assassin. There was a big chance he never truly lived. "You need to learn to live before you even consider taking another life."

She turned and walked away without another word.